Quality washing stations for better coffee

One of our CWS was C.A.F.E certified in 2017 with a score of 84 for 4 consecutive years. We plan to certify all 3 CWS by 2021.

The quality of the cherries and infrastructure and the comfort of our workers is our top priority. Our CWS are modern and very clean with ecological-friendly pulpers and tiled fermentations tanks. We also provide accommodation for key staff.

Profits invested back into the farms

Each year, 10% of Trapro’s gross revenues are returned to our farmers through projects such as health insurance schemes, GAP and Farmer Field Schools (FFS) training and materials, small loans, school fees, and support to local schools.

To ensure the quality of our coffee, we collaborate with dedicated growers and buyers. Farmers are joined with 30-40 neighbors and given GAP and financial literacy training by an agronomist.

Specialty coffee that has been fully cleaned and won awards. Our growers receive coffee seedlings from us to increase the size of their farms and revitalize them. Each group receives training on each coffee farm operation twice a month.

Trapro was founded in 2016, 12 years after the horrific slaughter of Tutsis. Our founder is Bernard Uwitije, a businessman who grew up on a coffee estate in Maraba, Rwanda.

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